The continued pressure from the pandemic this year is discouraging customers from hitting the high street. According to research around 71% of consumers say they will be put off from Christmas shopping in stores this December. All the signs are pointing to an unprecedented demand in e-commerce for Christmas 2020, are you ready?

Is your online store ready for Christmas?
It is ideal timing to be stress-testing your processes and optimising your user journeys to make sure you have the optimal shopping experience ready to make the most of an influx of customers.

Don’t forget the basics

Have you tested your end to end experience recently? Have you checked that the experience from your product page to the (touch-free) delivery arriving on the customer’s doorstep is working seamlessly? Are your payment options up to date – are you accepting flexible payment platforms and are you offering services such as Klarna for bigger ticket purchases?

Is your gift section up and merchandised – creating a ‘Christmas Gifts’ area and categorising your products by price or audience will take some of the strain off your customers. Are you promoting your returns policy (‘risk free gifting’ at this time of year) and are you promoting everything you offer to give shoppers peace of mind?

Promote your USPs

Are you talking about what makes you stand out – perhaps it’s your product quality, craftsmanship, eco-friendliness – are you providing the content and narrative to enable the gift-giver to tell a story on Christmas Day?

Optimise your user journeys

The run up to Christmas is an ideal time to optimise the journey your users take to make sure you are converting as many visitors as possible into purchasers. CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is a great way to measure and improve the performance of your e-commerce website without touching your underlying platform or making a significant investment.

Develop hypotheses and test and run experiments on your live site to seek out the maximum performance from your existing e-commerce platform.

If you’d like to know more about how CRO can boost your sales this Christmas, or if you’d like to talk about optimising your customer experience get in touch.