Harder working tech…

At Cohaesus, we leverage our world-class portfolio to tackle our clients’ challenges with precision. We deliver tangible and impactful outcomes through the adept use of the appropriate technology.

What we do

Our portfolio companies develop strategies, design experiences, build platforms and continuously improve digital products and services for clients making meaningful change


We help you create a strategic vision for the future. We engage with your business to define and deliver a profitable vision we can all be proud to be a part of.


Putting insight and data at the heart of our decision making we work in partnership to ensure your products meet the needs and exceed the expectations of your employees and customers.


From initial prototype to final product – with a lot of testing in between – we bring your digital vision to life using the right tools and expertise.

Improvement & Optimisation

The journey doesn’t finish on launch, we’re committed to continuously optimising your products and services, ensuring you are constantly improving.

Support & Maintenance

Support and Maintenance
Making sure your website remains secure, maintained and cared for. We proactively ensure your application remains performant and stable.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Conversion Rate Optimisation
Uncover how user are behaving on a product or service and create experiments to improve the number of users who complete a desired action (such as purchasing or signing up).