Cohaesus demonstrates commitment to information security after achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation

London-based, digital agency, Cohaesus, having recently been awarded the UK governments Cyber Essentials certification, has now achieved the Cyber Essential Plus Certificate of Compliance, following a successful independent assessment against the Cyber Essentials Standard.

This announcement reinforces the businesses continual commitment to protecting client information from misuse, and plans to demonstrate this further by announcing additional cyber security certifications in the coming months.

Cyber Essentials is a UK government information assurance scheme operated by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) that encourages organisations to adopt good practice in information security.

The Cyber Essentials [Basic] self-certification requires organisations to submit evidence to a certification body on what steps the business is taking to meet set security requirements,

which is then graded by an independent panel of experts. Cyber Essentials Plus means one of the certification bodies will visit an office and perform a test that is in line with the Cyber Essentials requirements.

The scope of the Cyber Essentials certificate for Cohaesus includes both its London and Edinburgh office locations, along with the Cohaesus employee laptops, VPN infrastructure, the Cohaesus G Suite account and Cohaesus LastPass Enterprise account for all employees in the UK.

Commenting on the announcement, Richard Bundock, CEO of Cohaesus said, “We take the security of our client’s data incredibly seriously and because of this we are thrilled to achieve both the Cyber Essentials Basic and Plus Certificates.

Cyber Security remains a critical concern for customers, potential customers, and suppliers. The rigorous testing and implementation process required by the Cyber Essentials program ensures the measures we have in place – not just among the design and build of our projects, but also amongst our own systems and processes too – are of the highest order.”