It’s our very great pleasure to announce that the new GS1 UK site has gone live today.

Many people know GS1 UK as the barcode business. And while the barcode has been credited as being the most important supply chain standard in history, GS1 UK’s purpose reaches far beyond – harnessing the power of standards to transform the way people work and live.

This fantastic organisation plays a vital role in UK businesses thanks to their globally recognised standards. And they work closely with industry to effect positive change in regulation and legislation, campaigning on issues like food safety, sustainability and patient safety.

When they launched a new three-year strategy and refreshed their brand, they tasked us with bringing it to life on their website.

With a strict focus on audience needs, we undertook a 9-month process of discovery, content strategy, user experience design and build to improve the online experience, bring content in line with their new positioning, and improve membership conversion.

The launch of the new site is a significant milestone for GS1 UK and our new strategy. It plays an essential role in supporting our members and UK businesses more broadly, and the improvements we’ve made are designed to make their experience even better. With the help of the Cohaesus team we’re proud to have created a site that’s ruthlessly focused on the needs of our members and stakeholders, as well as a platform for the campaign work we’re so passionate about.

-Alex Smith, Head of Marketing GS1 UK

Visit to see the new site in action and learn more about what they’re doing.