Cohaesus supports in modernising the Give Blood forms to attract new and diverse donors for future blood intake

Cohaesus supports in modernising the Give Blood forms to attract new and diverse donors for future blood intake

We were briefed to get the UK’s National Blood and Transplant registration forms optimally functioning in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The publicly funded health system of the United Kingdom, the National Health Service or NHS, was established in 1948. Comprising four separate systems within the four countries that make up the UK, the NHS employs more than 1.6 million people with a combined budget of £136.7 billion. UK residents are not charged for most treatments; general taxation provides the system’s funding.

Give Blood needs to maintain blood supply and attract new and diverse donors for future blood intake. The NHSBT response to COVID-19 resulted in spikes in web traffic due to increased awareness which could have resulted in delays and downtime of their existing form.

The challenge

NHSBT needed to build and host a temporary registration landing page so they could deal with the additional demand without involving their internal systems. A key focus for the NHSBT team was to ensure the new forms fit in with the current NHSBT brand guidelines and are easy to complete, as well as having a personalised approach. Simultaneously, they wanted to be able to quickly filter registrants and prioritise donors with rare or high-demand blood types.

The Solution

NHSBT reached out to FRWD (part of Bain) to provide a solution; in turn, FRWD tapped into its existing partner, Cohaesus.

Cohaesus held multiple workshops with the teams at NHSBT and Bain to map out the existing customer journeys and brainstorm ideas to evolve the donor registration process. This included mapping out different user journeys based on data inputs to provide a personalised approach, as well as providing an educational touch throughout. This first stage was essential to allow Cohaesus to develop wireframes and modernise the forms to meet the current NHSBT brand guidelines. Accessibility was also the forefront of the design and hugely important to NHSBT allowing anyone to register their interest to donate blood.

As part of the development process, Cohaesus brought in Acquia to work with NHSBT. Using Aquia’s Site Studio and its low-code approach Cohaesus were able to speed up the delivery of the website. Additionally, Acquia Personalization’s Profile Manager allowed Cohaesus and NHSBT to build data profiles of users visiting the site, so that in the future they can deliver personalised content and improve user journeys. The teams also created a setup that facilitates AB testing, which will allow NHSBT to draw actionable insights from user visits.

The Result

Early results show that the new registration page is helping things run more smoothly; data is still being gathered, but initial numbers show that the form receives an average of 25,000 daily visitors and is providing an improved user experience.

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