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In a nutshell

We’re a diverse and multi-skilled lot, but what unites us is a drive to do what’s best for our clients and their customers. That’s why we work as an extension of your team rather than trying to replace them. We’re collaborative, transparent, hand-ons, and here to deliver…

We will…

  • Ensure all our work is driven by insight, be that quantitative or qualitative, and our recommendations are always grounded in reality
  • Ensure we take a human centred approach to product development
  • Use open source technology, unless there’s a valid business reason not to
  • Put your interests above our financial gain

We won’t…

  • Become a dependency or try to sell you services that we don’t believe in
  • Simply apply a solution from one client to another
  • Take on a project unless we believe we can add value

Featured team member


What do you do here at Cohaesus? I'm the Application Support and Maintenance Practice Director.

That sounds interesting, care to expand? Application Support and Maintenance (ASM) is part of the larger Continuous Improvement Plan for websites and applications that is enacted after a website or application goes "Live".

And when are you not at work? When I'm not at work I like to explore parts of the city I'm living in.

What's the best thing about working in London/Edinburgh/Jaipur? There's lots to explore!

Tell us something surprising about yourself? 日本語の学生です。

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User Experience Lead

Information Technology. London, England and Wales, United Kingdom. Full-time. 0F428F430E

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