About us

We’re a diverse and multi-skilled lot, but what unites us is a drive to do what’s best for our clients and find the solution most likely to deliver results. That’s why we work the way you want us to work. We’re collaborative and hands-on, working on-site, off-site or off-shore.

We will
  • Apply good principles, rather than push certain technology
  • Make sure we know a technology inside out before we recommend it
  • Use open source technology unless there’s a valid business reason not to
  • Put your interests above our financial gain
We won’t
  • Use our technology know-how to become a dependency, or to sell you more services
  • Simply apply a solution from one client to another
  • Take on a project unless we believe we can add value

Featured team member

Ellie Kramer-Taylor

What do you do here at Cohaesus? Digital Account Executive

That sounds interesting care to expand? I'm the day-to-day point of contact for a few of our clients, here at Cohaesus. I keep them up-to-date with developments on their project, communicating between them and the rest of the team, and ensuring long-term strategy and business goals are always kept in mind.

And when are you not at work? I like to read quite a bit, keeping up with current affairs, politics and popular culture. At the weekends, if I'm not at a gallery or museum, I'll be catching up with friends.

What's the best thing about working in London/Edinburgh/Jaipur? There's always something happening in London, you can never be bored!

Tell us something surprising about yourself? I'm actually from Scotland but no one believes me because of my lack of accent.

We’re always looking for talented people