About us

We’re a diverse and multi-skilled lot, but what unites us is a drive to do what’s best for our clients and find the solution most likely to deliver results. That’s why we work the way you want us to work. We’re collaborative and hands-on, working on-site, off-site or off-shore.

We will
  • Apply good principles, rather than push certain technology
  • Make sure we know a technology inside out before we recommend it
  • Use open source technology unless there’s a valid business reason not to
  • Put your interests above our financial gain
We won’t
  • Use our technology know-how to become a dependency, or to sell you more services
  • Simply apply a solution from one client to another
  • Take on a project unless we believe we can add value

Featured team member

James Costerton

What do you do here at Cohaesus? Technical Director

That sounds interesting care to expand? Helping to plan and scope, overcome hurdles and manage the technical delivery of projects.

And when are you not at work? When I'm not irrationally annoying myself watching football, I enjoy cycling and cooking Indian food.

What's the best thing about working in London/Edinburgh/Jaipur? Variety is the spice of life.

Tell us something surprising about yourself? I was once bitten by a seal whilst surfing.

We’re always looking for talented people