Experience Ignition provides a fresh perspective on new opportunity development and proactive problem solving through a three hour collaborative session.

We bring together executives with the most talented experience designers, data analysts, strategic thinkers and technology experts to drive the next wave of innovation.

Why schedule an Experience Ignition session?

  • You’re stuck in a standard cadence and need to reimagine the possible
  • Your organisational silos are blocking collaboration
  • You need to refocus your business on human needs

Your Experience Stimulant

Here’s how it works. We bring together a dedicated team made up of facilitators, experience designers, data analysts, technology specialists and subject matter experts to deliver:

  • Insight into how your current products and services are performing and paths to improvement
  • Inspiration about how others are tackling your problem or making strides in your sector and optionally looking to the future to envision your customers needs in the next two, five or even ten years
  • Shared understanding of the business and customer benefits
  • Collaborative ideation and prioritisation to build a roadmap and take immediate actions

Benefits & Outcomes

You’ll leave the session with:

  • A prioritised roadmap of experiments, projects, strategies and a backlog of future opportunities
  • A clear sense of direction
  • A renewed sense of possibility and positivity
  • A framework to run similar sessions yourself across a range of your products or services.
  • Opportunities to build relationships with key innovators and Cohaesus partners

Business we’ve done this for

Get in touch with us to find out how we can deliver Experience Ignition sessions for your business.

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