We’re delighted to welcome Martin Barrera to Cohaesus as a strategist in our Experience team.

Martin comes to us with lots of great experience across sectors including telco, real estate, finance, transport and consumer products. His background is in service design, untangling the mechanics of what makes a great experience and understanding the things that make products succeed (or fail) in the real world. But his stints as a designer and researcher mean he combines the mind of an analyst with the heart of a craftsman. So he’s going to have a big part to play in our mission to create meaningful experiences on behalf of our clients.

“Antonia and Alex’s passion for the work Cohaesus is doing, and their ambition for the business as a whole was contagious. I’m really excited about doing my bit to make good things happen for Cohaesus and our clients.”

Outside of work Martin is a man of eclectic passions. When he’s not cooking up a storm, he’s absorbing wisdom from the books of other very smart people, or making things. Pizza ovens, home extensions, websites. You name it.

Join us in giving Martin a very warm welcome. We’re sure you’ll be hearing from the man himself soon.