We are really proud to have worked with Majestic Wine and Indicia in developing Majestic Wine’s first mobile app.

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Majestic Wine mobile app on iOS and Android

Majestic Wine, the boutique specialised in selling affordable sophisticated wines, is on the market with their first app for mobile and tablet.

The cross-platforms app, available for iOS and Android devices, helps consumer to find new products and expand their knowledge about wine thanks to the Barcode Reader and to the Wine and Food Matching tools.

Using Majestic Wine’s own APIs, Cohaesus was able to produce the same quality of search and localised information for the end user, as can be found on the company’s website.

The app integrates with Majestic Wine’s ecommerce platform, allowing users to browse the wine selection quickly and easily.

The application was built using Xamarin, a framework that allows a significant cost saving in development time, whilst not compromising on the quality of a native application. By building out a continuous integration framework using TeamCity and HockeyApp, we were able to lessen the pain of deployments — allowing really quick, almost real-time, feedback from Indicia.

The app is available on Google Play Store and App Store from April 2015.


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