A month in the hot seat


Unbelievably, it’s been a month since I joined the Cohaesus team as MD. These first few weeks have been a whirlwind of connecting with clients and getting to know the team – and thinking about the future of the agency. So it feels like a good time to introduce myself properly, and tell you about my plans for Cohaesus as we move into 2022. 

What brought me here?

While I’m new to Cohaesus, Cohaesus isn’t new to me! I’ve known Group CEO, Richard, since the mid-2000s when we worked together at MAD Productions. Even in those days, it was clear that he had a unique view on the way the digital world worked.

Richard’s outlook and creativity is built into the DNA of Cohaesus: it’s one of many reasons I’ve partnered with the team on client projects since our days at MAD. Plus the client list is impressive – they’re brands with big ambitions, big hearts and a genuine drive to work sustainably. And, best of all, the team here has a real passion to make a difference. It’s fair to say I’ve always been very keen on the work that Cohaesus does.

Where have I been?
I started work straight out of college, learning as I went, just as the digital industry was really coming to life, even before Macromedia Flash was a thing (who remembers?) it has been great to be part of the digital evolution. If you want my full history, you can of course check me out on LinkedIn.

But prior to Cohaesus I was at Wunderman Thompson, managing strategic ecommerce solutions for clients like Tempur Sealey, KFC and Debenhams. Lockdown has made the last couple of years really interesting, as brands have had to find new ways to deliver their services to customers who can’t see, smell or touch products before buying them. Online tools and guided selling techniques have become pivotal. And these are challenges that I know our clients at Cohaesus will continue to face in the future.

What next?

I’ve arrived at Cohaesus at an exciting time for the group. And as the steward for its flagship agency, I’ve naturally got some ideas about how we can continue to grow and help our clients thrive, focusing on these three elements:

People and processes

Our people are our greatest asset. To help them work at their very best it’s essential that we have a fully scaled up team, total transparency when it comes to internal communications, and supreme agency processes.

Cohaesus was embracing flexible working long before Coronavirus meant we all had to work remotely. I want to build on that. I’m striving to create an environment where people can feel confident to take a chunk of time out – whether that’s for a holiday of a lifetime, or in support of something life-related – and know they can slot back into the team afterwards.

Great work and great relationships

Our focus on wellbeing is core to the agency’s culture. And I’m a big believer in the power of culture to support strong client relationships and exceptional work on their behalf. We are very lucky to have inspirational clients who themselves work hard to support the wellbeing of others – whether that’s through financial support for small business owners or finding animals their forever home.

I want everyone to live our purpose – for it to be in the lifeblood of the agency. I want our culture to reflect how we go about our business. Because that way it becomes a measure of our success.

Commercial success for us and our clients

The happier our clients and our people, the better it is for business. Our strategic, experience-led proposition means we can absolutely deliver on our promise of tech agnosticism. We define best-of-breed experiences for our clients that marry the needs of their customers with the objectives of the business. Then we deliver them through the right tech. And of course we have unique access to platform specialists through our group partners.

Moving forward, I’m really keen to work with our clients to build on our sustainable approach to a digital future. It’s a theme that already runs through our projects, and we’ve made a conscious decision to include that element in all the work we do. Our team is very passionate about that. We’re looking forward to working with more clients in 2022 who consider a greener approach to be as integral to their success as we do.

It’s been a great month – so here’s to the next phase. And if you’d like to get in touch with me or learn more about what we do then I’m always available on darren.bull@cohaesus.co.uk