Company Will Provide Free, New Software to Help Agencies Select Tools and Monitor Trends in Tech

Cohaesus London has introduced the Tech Top 5, the first tool of its kind for advertising and communication agencies. In an interactive dashboard, it lists the 5 best choices of technology products in categories such as languages, tools, processes and frameworks for technical directors in search of the perfect tools to help them deliver successful digital projects.


The internet is a vast and confusing marketplace for tech products; there is no one-size-fits-all. A tool that performs incredibly well for one project may not be relevant for another. Vendors naturally rate their own products highly, so making good choices is not always easy.

“We’ve worked with some of the leading creative agencies in the world on almost 300 projects,” says Richard Bundock, MD of Cohaesus, “and we know the main headaches these teams have. The first is gauging which tech solutions are suitable for a project and choosing the right ones.”

The second is intertwined in the first: how to trust the reliability of the information about the products. Unlike traditional IT consultancies, Cohaesus is not sales-incentivised. “We take an unbiased view when we research current products and examine future trends,” says Richard Bundock, “which leaves us free to recommend tech tools based solely on relevance for a particular project.” The Tech Top 5 should therefore come as a welcome remedy for those tech-related headaches.

Each product listing in the Tech Top 5 contains a jargon-free description and a quick set of suggestions for use.

The Tech Top 5 will provide a comprehensive, current map of the intricate world of software. Categories will be updated and expanded periodically, including CMSs, hosting, and mobile technologies among many others. As technology moves so fast and creative agencies are busy with dealing with the clients, briefs and projects, Tech Top 5 is an indispensable tool for resolving tech-related doubts, whether regarding suitability or legitimacy.